Are you ready to bypass icloud activation lock on your Apple device? Worried of damaging your Apple device when you use an iCloud removal tool? Sit back and relax. The iCloud Unlocker Tool automatically uses the built-in factory service settings of your Apple device to safely unlock iCloud activation!

How to Use iCloud Unlocker to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

1. simply download iCloud Unlocker from download button bellow.

1. connect your Apple device to your computer through an USB cable.

3. run iCloud Unlocker Tool and wait until your device is connected.

4. select your Apple device, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch or any other.

5. submit the IMEI of your Apple device (dial *#06# to find your device IMEI).


6. wait for a few minutes until the iCloud Unlocker successfully completes to safely bypass iCloud activation lock.

7. when the Apple factory iCloud removal service of iCloud Unlocker has finished, that’s it. You can disconnect your device and login with your Apple ID and password, or you can also create a new iCloud account.